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The Impact of Budtender Appreciation Farm Tours: Cultivating Stronger Connections with Customers

Budtenders are a vital part of the California Cannabis industry. The job title has become a sought-after career choice for cannabis and retail enthusiasts; one defined as a “shop clerk who provides bartender-like guidance” of cannabis products.

Sometimes referred to as wellness consultants, guides, or sales associates – these professionals link quality cannabis and consumer needs in their local community with their well-rounded expertise in product knowledge and consumer insight. With the large selection of brands on the shelf, the cannabis and the processes it undergoes to get there can feel far removed.

Here at Coastal Sun, we understand that budtenders are keystones in the ecosystem that keeps the cannabis industry thriving. Our success is built upon solid relationships and open dialogue with these dedicated budtenders who stand by our products.

In the past, we have extended exclusive farm tour invitations to the industry's best retail staff and witnessed their profound impact on creating long-term connections with the budtender and the customers they serve. While the program had to take a brief hiatus in the past few years, we were more than excited to welcome back our partners to the program this summer.

Welcoming Budtenders to the Heart of Cannabis Cultivation

This summer, budtenders have been coming from all over California to see firsthand the innovative techniques and sustainable practices we employ to cultivate our planet-friendly products. At least once a week, our Coastal Sun team eagerly welcomes budtenders to our 40-acre regenerative farm in Watsonville, CA.

At the surface level, these Budtender Appreciation Farm Tours showcase our practices and techniques that transform starts into nutrient-rich, flavorful, potent, certified OCal organic cannabis. We take the team past our sungrown fields into our state-of-the-art greenhouses, past the sheep, and right into the blueberry hoop houses, where, if the season is right, they’ll pick a basket of our USDA-certified organic blueberries right off the bushes.

Tasting these deliciously sweet fruits is an event that leaves lasting memories for everyone involved. It’s the moment all the dots connect, where the question, “Why should I care to buy organic weed?” is answered.

On a deeper level, this is an opportunity for us to listen and engage with the budtenders about their diverse perspectives and values regarding their relationship with cannabis.

These conversations with Budtenders inspire change and are an essential part of our process in continuously striving to be a better company. It’s important to us that Budtenders understand that they're not just visitors passing through but partners in our mission to nurture healthy plants and healthy humans through regeneratively grown cannabis.

Immersive Insights: Witnessing the Craftsmanship Behind Coastal Sun's Cannabis

Throughout this tour, budtenders gain a behind-the-scenes perspective of the commitment that goes into every Coastal Sun cultivar placed on their dispensary shelves – connecting the pillars of cultivation and retail stores. From sustainable irrigation methods that recycle water to regenerative soil practices that enrich the land, this experience pulls back the curtain allowing budtenders to see the process up close and personal.

Most of the time, dispensary staff are limited to written copy or verbal presentations of product education – which can be effective but feel a bit flat. Taking the team from sitting and observing visuals to immersing them onto the farm where they walk, smell the various cultivars' aromas, and see vibrant colors allows them to engage their senses and bring to life the stories they'll soon share with their customers.

We hope our tours create an emotional link and a sense of transparency as we invite questions and conversations throughout the experience. Our intention is to create an environment that welcomes honest feedback and dialogue. It’s a trust-building event that translates beyond the farm into the daily lives of the budtenders and community who enjoy our products.

Building Lasting Bonds: Nurturing Trust and Collaboration

We keep the group sizes intimate so everyone can engage with one another. These conversations foster a sense of belonging and empowerment. The budtender’s input is crucial to some of our most important decision-making processes. It is an added bonus that they’ll take what is learned about our processes and utilize the information to bridge the gap between cultivation and consumer education.

The Farm Tours educate them but, more importantly, allow them to be part of affecting change in our story.

Opening our farm up to dispensary staff from across the state creates a unique opportunity for meeting new friends and networking. These interactions pave the way for future partnerships, foster knowledge sharing and remind us that each budtender is an integral part of the shared success of the industry.

As the day draws to a close, budtenders gather around a picnic table with light snacks, refreshments, and, of course, some coastal sun cannabis to enjoy as they continue their discussions. It’s a moment to reflect on what was just seen and chat with fellow participants, briefly pausing to take it all in before heading back home.

And what’s a tour without a memento for memories? Budtenders will leave with a small goodie bag as a token of appreciation for their travels and dedication to cannabis education.

Elevating the Budtender Experience: Empowering Recommendations and Customer Relations

Budtender recommendations are an art form. They take hundreds of products and narrow them down to just a few, each selection carefully curated based on the needs and wants of the customer right in front of them.

The market offers many flower and pre-roll brands, and budtenders have their pick. Their choices can make or break a brand's success. Rather than just tell them why they or their customers should choose our brand, we show them and invite their commentary to help us make better choices. We invite them into our farm – a closed ecosystem oasis – and let them see precisely why our jars are filled with the answers their customer is searching for while simultaneously providing a platform to tell us their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with our products.

These conversations with Budtenders inspire change and are an essential part of our process in continuously striving to be a better company.

The Farm Tours educate them but, more importantly, allow them to be part of affecting change in our story. The recommendation of our product is now based on more than just reading our informative labels but on the connection made with us while they witnessed the product's journey from seed to shelf.

This deeper association empowers budtenders to make authentic recommendations. They leave equipped with personal stories to tell and the ability to effortlessly share our farm's commitment to the Earth and quality cannabis with every customer they assist.

The significance of Coastal Sun’s invitation to budtenders for farm tours

Our Budtender Appreciation Farm Tours are to do just that: show our appreciation for the daily hard work the staff puts in to connect consumers to high-quality cannabis. By providing a space that fosters curiosity, conversation, and honest feedback while showcasing our commitment to sustainable agriculture, we hope to develop an authentic connection with our partners.

We want to not only cultivate exceptional cannabis but also help foster a community with a shared mission of nurturing the Earth and the life that inhabits it. The profound connection Budtenders establish on this tour translates into an enthusiasm that transcends dispensary walls into the surrounding communities.

Our tour schedule is based on the seasons of our farm, they are open to dispensary staff from June till Harvest Season in October. Email us if you’re a budtender interested in attending one of our tours! We’ll reach out to your management team to coordinate dates and times. We greatly appreciate your support.

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