Between our central farm & partner farms, we provide a wide spectrum of cultivars, all with their own unique flavor profiles & health benefits.

Flo White Final Menu Shot
Flo White Final Menu Shot
Blue City Diesel Menu Shot
Blue City Diesel Menu Shot
Cherry Punch Menu Shot edit
Cherry Punch Menu Shot edit

Cross: Boost x Tangelo

Type: Sativa Leaning Hybrid


Banjo represents the cornerstone of Coastal Sun’s lineup of organically grown flowers. This beautiful cultivar was developed in-house, and loves growing on Coastal Sun’s central farm in Santa Cruz County. Banjo contains the perfect blend of tangie zest and pine flavors, with subtle hints of cheese. The combination creates truly unique aromas and flavors that are unmatched in other strains. The resulting feelings are as unique as the aromas: a wonderful mix of euphoria, creativity, uplifted energy and pain relief. Many love smoking Banjo during the day, and many find it perfect for unwinding into a relaxing evening.

Coastal Creamsicle

Cross: Cookies & Cream x Orange Tahoe

Type: Sativa


Coastal Sun's special cut of the iconic Orange Creamsicle strain. What sets this particular phenotype apart is the insane explosion of citrus that rushes your senses upon first smelling the flowers. At the core of Coastal Creamsicle is truly that citrus and sweet cream blend you are looking for. The smoke is an absolute treat, and will leave you with with an energetic buzz. This strain is perfect for a wake and bake or daytime use; rely on Coastal Creamsicle as a consistent daytime go-to for finding extra energy, focus and creativity.

Cross: Jack Herer x Haze x Northern Lights x Purple Punch

Type: Sativa Leaning Hybrid


Forest Fruit pulls from a legendary lineup of genetics, including Jack Herer & Haze, to produce a clean, well-balanced modern day sativa leaning hybrid. This magic cultivar delivers a beautiful array of sweet citrus and spicy pine flavors, and will leave you utterly enchanted. Effects are as uplifting as if you were laying on a cool forest floor, staring up at an ancient tree canopy kissed with pockets of dancing fog. Forest Fruit is perfect for a morning pick-me-up, a daytime energy boost, a creative spark, or simply a means to enrapture all senses.

Sour Strawberry

Cross: Strawberry Banana x Chemdog

Type: Hybrid


One of Coastal Sun's best new strains of 2020 and a community favorite, Sour Strawberry packs an impressive mix of flavor and potency. Upon opening the jar, a fruity and tangy blast of aromas smacks you in the face, and the smoke tastes just as delightful. But don't let the delicious flavors fool you. Sour Strawberry can hold it's own with potency as well, normally testing around 30% THC! Enjoy this cultivar during the daytime or at night.

Cross: Cherry AK x Purple Punch

Type: Hybrid


This cultivar delivers a balanced blend of slightly sweet flavors and aromas backed by a healthy amount of gas. However, the high is what really excites people. Cherry Punch leaves you feeling absolutely amazing, melting any tension away that's been taking up space in your mind and body. Perfect for unwinding after a long shift, or dealing with muscle pain, stress or anxiety throughout the day.

Cherry Punch
GMO Garlic Cookies

Cross: GSC x Chemdog

Type: Indica Leaning Hybrid


GMO Garlic Cookies represents the super savory side of Coastal Sun’s lineup of nutrient rich, regeneratively farmed flowers. Our phenotype of this quickly emerging strain is extra funky, spicy and pungent, truly encompassing flavors of garlic, mushroom and onions (GMO). With THC levels approaching 35%, people are often surprised by how smooth and balanced this delicious cultivar smokes. The result is feelings of deep relaxation and even sedation, as if just after finishing a huge serving of herb-filled pasta & plenty of wine. Perfect for evenings and before bed!

Cross: GMO Garlic Cookies x Legend OG

Type: Indica Leaning Hybrid


Fatso, staying true to its name, delivers huge terpene profiles and a heavyweight potency. Regularly landing in the mid-30% range for total cannabinoids, Fatso will have more than enough to offer your endocannabinoid system! Flavors are herbal, floral, gassy and savory, and the smoke is thick and smooth. Your experience will begin with an energy jolt straight to the brain, then unfold to a full-body high. Fatso is great for pain reduction, stress relief and sleep aid.

Fatso Menu Shot.png
THC Bomb

Cross: Unknown

Type: Hybrid


Bomb Seeds set out to develop genetics that delivered high amounts of THC, and they definitely achieved it with their most infamous strain, THC Bomb. However, Coastal Sun's cut of this cultivar offers plenty of smooth flavors and a very enjoyable high to go along with the impressive potency. Flower enthusiasts will taste and smell a unique blend of lemon, diesel and woodgrain, and will be left with an improved outlook on the day along with some newfound creativity.

Cross: Sour Diesel x Spyrock OG

Type: Hybrid


If fuel and flames are what you seek, then look no further than Spyrock Sour! This gassy strain is a special Sour Diesel cross that loves growing on Coastal Sun's central farm in Santa Cruz County, California. Named after the mountain where it was born, Spyrock Sour delivers a balanced experience of body relaxation coupled with an elevated spirit. The flavor and aroma combines a classic diesel core with delicious hints of spicy pine. Great for daytime use, or anytime vapors are an absolute must.

Spyrock Sour Menu Shot.png
Flo White Final Menu Shot.png

Cross: Purple Thai x Afghani Indica x White #7Type: Hybrid

Type: Hybrid

A rare gem at this point, Flo White is a delicious, frosty, and potent strain that's winning over the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts all over California. The flavors are as dynamic as the effects; a sweet, cheesy center with notes of sage and mint delivers feelings of calm, relaxation, and happiness all while staying fully functional. Excellent for use anytime of the day!

Genetics: Annunaki

Type: Sativa Leaning Hybrid

This sweet and tasty cultivar became a beloved daytime go-to for flower lovers upon it's first Coastal Sun release in early 2020. The plants are covered in orange, yellow, pink and purple pistils which translate into colorful, trichome covered nugs. Iced Lemonaid creates a smooth and delicious smoke, with flavors of tart lemon and berry tea. The result is a refreshed mood into uplifted energy into blissful calm.
Cross: Pink Lemonaid #2 x Huckleberry Soda

Iced Lemonaid Menu Shot.png
Grape Animals Menu Shot.png

Cross: Grape Pie x Animal Cookies

Type: Indica


This tasty strain delivers aromas and flavors of fresh dough, sweet lavender jelly, and cracked pepper. Although Grape Animals produces smaller nugs, they are super dense and frosty, with beautiful purple hues scattered throughout the trichome covered surface. Grape Animals provides a perfect after-dinner smoke that will help you unwind into an enjoyable mind and body calm.

Cross: Blueberry x NYC Diesel

Type: Hybrid

This lovely cultivar produces some of the most beautiful flowers in Coastal Sun's organic, regenerative cannabis gardens. We decided to model the packaging after the plant, which displays vibrant neon pinks alongside an array of blues and purples. Blue City Diesel provides a delicious blend of sour berry flavors with gassy overtones. Those that have developed a love for fruity strains and fuel strains alike will adore these smooth hitting and wonderful tasting flowers, which will leave you both serene and creative.

Blue City Diesel Menu Shot.png