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Coastal Sun's innovative and sustainable packaging is Made in the USA and all around better for the environment. However, the flavor seal technology means that our containers may be a little tricky to open. See below for a look on how to open the containers for quick and easy access to your fresh, organic flowers.

See below for all the delicious Coastal Sun flavors you can find on a shelf near you, as we speak. Availability may vary, visit our Retailers page to find a Coastal Sun provider near you. 

Scroll through all the flavors we've released! Some recent, some OG. Availability may vary, visit our Retailers page to find a Coastal Sun provider near you.

gmo garlic cookies


Cross: GSC x Chemdog
Type: Ind
ica Leaning Hybrid


GMO Garlic Cookies, named a “top strain of the year” by Leafly in 2021, and a top selling flavor on Coastal Sun’s menu, is now available in the form of ten 0.35 mini joints! Enjoy the potent, pungent, savory and spicy flavors that this incredible cultivar has to offer with ease, and on the go. Coastal Sun’s innovative pre-roll packaging ensures that aromas and flavors are preserved, unleashing a fresh, top-of-market, full flower experience with every joint.

chem kardashian


Cross: (Sundae Driver x Zkittlez) x Phinest Chem D
Type: Hybrid


Fuel lovers can now enjoy Chem Kardashian, our offensively gassy cultivar that first hit the scene in 2021, in the form of ten 0.35g mini joints. Chem enthusiasts will find exactly what they seek, which is an over-the-top, yet smooth delivery of diesel followed by a slightly sweet ZkittleZ finish. Similar to the mega-star herself, Chem Kardashian offers all gas and no brakes, and will boost your mood while reducing anxiety. Definitely a must try and safe to use during the daytime.



Cross: GMO Cookies x Legend OG
Type: Indica Leaning Hybrid


Staying true to its name, Fatso delivers a huge terpene profile and a heavyweight potency. Regularly landing in the 35 - 40% range for total cannabinoids, this tasty strain will have more than enough to offer your endocannabinoid system! Flavors are herbal, floral, gassy and savory, and the smoke is thick and smooth. Your experience will begin with an energy jolt straight to the brain, then unfold to a curvaceous full-body high. Fatso is great for pain reduction, stress relief and sleep aid. Now available in our Pre-Roll 10 Packs.



Cross: Secret Cookies x Kush Mints
Type: Indica Leaning Hybrid


You may not have a smoother, more delicious smoke this year! Pastries, a cross between Secret Cookies x Kush Mints, delivers warm, tasty flavors of cookie dough, creamy citrus, and fresh baked pastry. A few luscious pulls will bring feelings of deep relaxation, and pleasant, sweet thoughts. Pastries can now be enjoyed in the form of 0.35g, full-flower mini joints from Coastal Sun (10 pack).

apple fritter


Cross: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies
Type: Indica


Sour Apple and Animal Cookies are the genetic recipe for this sweet fruity cultivar. Apple Fritter has aromas of apple, strawberry, and lemon with slight aromas of earth and fresh green pastures. It's a satisfying addition to complement your afternoon. It may alleviate daily worries and replace them with intoxicating feelings of creativity and a slight craving for a snack.

black cherry


Cross: Unknown
Type: Hybrid


From unknown origins comes a darkly sweet addition to Coastal Sun’s lineup of organic pre-rolls, Black Cherry. This mysterious hybrid strain is reminiscent of an evening glass of wine, both in taste and effect. Experience the semi-sweet, dry, and spicy flavor notes of a good bottle of Malbec: plum, cocoa powder, violet flowers, elderberry and tobacco. And similar to finishing off a bottle, you’ll be left feeling smoothed out and worry free. Although utterly relaxing, Black Cherry creates a functional high, and can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night.

sour strawberry


Cross: Strawberry Banana x Chemdog
Type: Hybrid


Now available in our Pre-roll line! One of Coastal Sun's tastiest strains and a community favorite, Sour Strawberry packs an impressive mix of flavor and potency. Upon first opening the container, a fruity and tangy blast of aromas smacks you in the face, and the smoke tastes just as delightful. But don't let the delicious flavors fool you. Sour Strawberry can hold its own with potency as well, normally testing around 30% THC! Enjoy this cultivar during the daytime or at night.

thc bomb


Cross: Unkown
Type: Hybrid


We all love the lemony, woodgrain diesel experience that Bomb Seeds' most popular strain creates. Now, it can be enjoyed in the form of full flower mini joints! Coastal Sun's proprietary separation process ensures that only trichome, flavor rich flower material is used for the pre-rolls. The ten 0.35g minis are packed into a sustainable container with built-in flavor seal technology, keeping the pre-rolls fresh and aromatic. A must try for THC Bomb and pre-roll lovers!

blue dream


Cross: Blueberry x Haze
Type: Sativa Leaning Hybrid


An absolute legend has returned! Blue Dream is a classic cross of Blueberry and Haze with sweet, juicy berry flavors and the effects you dream about. Safe to use any time of the day, and especially enjoyable for creative sessions. It’s an experience that may leave you with a boost of motivation and focus. Experience this beloved and quintessential strain once again as a new addition to Coastal Sun’s menu, organically grown and rolled into 10 mini prerolls for your convenience.