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At any given time throughout the year, we'll have a fun lineup of various Enviroganic Certified cannabis flowers for your healing & enjoyment.

Organically Grown, Ecologically Farmed.

Our cannabis is super clean & high-quality, and we strive to bring it to you in a way that will not break your bank! We provide indoor quality flowers for an outdoor price.

Current Inventory: Pie Gal, THC Bomb, GMO Garlic Cookies, Banjo, Coastal Creamsicle, Sour Strawberry, Mimosa, Iced Lemonaid

Signture Strain


Banjo is our signature strain and all-time best seller. This tasty hybrid is a cross of Boost and Tangelo with tangie zest and pine flavors. Its uplifting euphoric effects are great for a mood boost, while its mellow after effects can offer significant pain relief. A great daytime strain to enhance mood and help with daily aches and pains.


Banjo tests at 4.5% terpenes! Pinene alone makes up 2% of the terpene profile. This cultivar also regularly tests over 30% total cannabinoids.

You can find Banjo in many locations across California including San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose, Oakland, Vallejo, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County and the Palm Desert/Springs area. We make it affordable so you can enjoy phytonutrient-rich cannabis without it breaking your bank.


Pick up an eighth or two at a dispensary near you and let us know what you think. <3

Strain of the Month


This strain is unique to say the least, and we can't wait for everyone to experience it. It's a part of our Select Sativa Series, and blends just enough fruit for an extremely clean and balanced smell, taste, inhale & exhale.


Breeders: Jungleboys x Coastal Star
Cross: Jack Herer x Purple Punch x Larry OG x Shiva Shanti


Our version of the Jungleboys sativa-dominant classic was hand selected by one of our founding partners secret squirrel breeders. After getting his hands on the choicest cut (we won't say how), the secret breeder ran several pheno-hunts with multiple pollen donors to arrive at this bubble gum beauty. The resultant cross delivers the true earthy essence only Jack can, but with a fruit forward terpene profile creating an exceptionally balanced effect. Originally named Pai Gow, we referred to it as such until a short time ago, when our star Post-Harvest Tech Brittany mentioned, "We should call this Pie Gal instead, because it smells like something my mom would pull out of the oven when I was a lil' girl".

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