Healthy Plants Heal Humans®

On our central farm in beautiful Santa Cruz County, California, we utilize two main styles of cultivation: Regenerative Soil Farming in the field gardens, and Bioponics (organically growing in containers) in our greenhouse and blueberry gardens. Both styles heavily focus on building a rich community of microbiology which optimizes nutrition uptake and leads to healthy, phytonutrient rich plants.

These nutrients can then be transferred to humans during the consumption process, strengthening our immune systems and resistance to disease, illness & health issues.

We Grow Medicine

It takes healthy plants to heal humans.


To responsibly grow plants as medicine, we help them build their own functional immunity for higher levels of disease resistance. This allows them to achieve their maximum genetic potential with heightened medicinal qualities. Chemical pesticides and conventional fertilizers disrupt this development and lead to weaker plants with less healing properties.


Intelligent Phytonutrient Cultivation

This is where the medicine is.


Phytonutrients are a group of compounds found in plants that are known to protect humans from disease and illness. These aromatic, essential oil like pigments include terpenes, phenolics, and bioflavonoids to name a few.

By harnessing nature, we create optimized conditions to guide the plant in producing its peak level of these disease fighting elements. The result: Our cannabis has a phytonutrient density higher than any other on the market!


Certified EnvirOganic

Envirocann is a third-party certification agency ensuring superior quality and lab-tested transparency. We’re proud to have achieved their highest level of certification reserved only for farmers who employ best management practices in a manner which exceeds current National Organic Standards.

Certified EnvirOganic


“Bioponics” is organic containerized cultivation (growing in containers), which is the method used in our flowering greenhouse, and also in our blueberry garden. This method conserves precious resources by recycling water, nutrients, and growing media, yet still increases production per square foot. Containerized growing can flourish with organically certified materials, incorporate similar microbial action to that of soil crops, and requires less use of pesticides, all while eliminating soil erosion & nutrient runoff.


We also love how bioponics cultivation systems can be setup and implemented where fertile top soil does not already exist, such as food deserts. For this reason, bioponics represents the future of farming in closer proximity to communities in need.


Regenerative Agriculture

In our outdoor cannabis gardens, we utilize regenerative in-soil farming systems. This type of cultivation is absolutely critical for regenerating fertile top soil that has been lost to decades of industrial farming. Our regenerative soil program focuses on building and maintaining a rich and diverse microbiological community that allows the plants to properly absorb nutrients and fully thrive.


Our field cultivation systems also utilize cover cropping, hedgerows, and many other techniques that are vital to building and maintaining healthy, fertile soil.

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Affiliated Grower Partners 

We’re always on the lookout for organic farmers with similar visions interested in adding medicinal grade cannabis to their crop portfolio. Our partner growers enjoy many advantages such as established distribution channels, co-packing facility for all post-harvest processes, access to specialized genetics, facility design, and growing consultation services.


To learn more about becoming a partner farm please send an email to 



Plants are medicine

and have the power to heal humans and the planet